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Inspiration for modern living.

"This book is absolutely beautiful. It’s exactly what this exhausted mom needs. The tone of this book is inspiring. It’s rooted in wisdom passed down through the ages, and with respect and room for those of different faith traditions. I genuinely love this book and am grateful for it." Reviewer, The Hopeful Family: Raising Resilient Children in Uncertain Times

The Hopeful Family: Raising Resilient Children in an Uncertain Times

If you want to raise hopeful, action oriented kids, this book is for you. Amelia skillfully connects the dots between mental health and spirituality, leading to practices that blend the best of both worlds. Each chapter includes discussion questions for groups, making this a great choice for a parenting group or book club.  ​ Click here for a preview from the publisher's website.

This Is the Mystery of Easter

This Is the Mystery of Easter started with a vision to tell the Easter story better, with an emphasis on love, possibility and hope rather than the substitutionary atonement theology that dominated so much of Christian thought at the time. In response to parent's questions about "how to tell the Easter story," Amelia developed this telling, which became part of Easter services. In 2018, the seed for turning it into a picture book was planted, and she recruited talented illustrator and then co-worker Lily Moore to conspire with her.  ​ In keeping with their vision for this book, it was self-published in winter of 2019, and downloadable for free. It's still downloadable for free, or available for purchase anywhere books are sold.

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