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Speaking, Preaching, Workshops

Amelia is available for workshops, training and worship leadership. Here are a few ways she's helped families, churches and schools.

For families:

  • Re imagining traditional Christian practices for modern life

  • Spirituality for parents

  • Spiritual development in kids: how the brain, body and soul are connected

  • Marriage and parenting when one partner isn’t religious

For church leaders:

  • Trauma informed Christian education for children

  • Building a better Christianity: figuring out where God is leading

  • Leadership training for children/youth leaders

  • “What’s your gift to the future?” Discernment and ministry development for children and youth

For preschool and elementary school teachers:

  • Whole-hearted teaching: spiritual practices for better teaching

  • Whole-hearted learning: supporting spiritual development in the classroom


Contact us for more details about these workshops/keynotes. 

Coaching for Christian Educators and Lay Leaders

Feeling the pressure of building a successful youth or children's ministry? Tired of one-size-fits all approaches? Stuck trying to decide what to do next in your program?


Amelia's unique approach blends spiritual direction with education and coaching to help you discern how God is calling you to lead. With years of experience coaching teachers and program directors in both school and church settings, Amelia knows the practical and spiritual elements of Christian education. 

Contact her today to schedule a 1 hour "Get Unstuck" call to help you work through a particular issue. These are ideal for questions like:

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Seasonal planning 

  • Intergenerational events for Easter or Christmas

  • Crafting a leadership retreat or workshop 

If you need a partner in ministry to help you through a tricky transition, building a new program or discerning how to move forward after a staff change, Amelia is also available for longer-term coaching. Coaching typically is scheduled in packages of three sessions, buildable depending on your needs. 

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